Coton du Tulear Dog – The Charming Royal Dog

Another breed in the group of small and powerful dogs is next on our list. The Coton du Tulear is a relatively small dog that is fond of playing, and basically, bringing joy to anyone in the family. Its appearance alone is inevitably likable by humans, combined with its highly pleasing nature; this dog is a family favorite.

From the name itself, this dog has the appearance of cotton, which mainly defines its soft coat. Besides its elegant looks, it is also intelligent, making it an excellent dog for amusement. Its incredible charm and brilliance are both qualities that make the Coton a remarkable dog for the family.

Origins of the Coton du Tulear Dog

We can trace back the origins of the Coton du Tulear to years ago in the city of Tulear, Madagascar. Because of the breed’s attractive appearance, it is often regarded as a lapdog or the Royal Dog of Madagascar. Because the nation was a former French colony, its culture was heavily influenced by France, which explains the breed’s name.

For years, the Coton lived on the island, isolated from the rest of the world. Its breeders were very possessive and wouldn’t allow any of the breed’s exportation at any means. Because of this, the Coton continued to produce pure-bred pups throughout the years.

No concrete records show the Coton’s exact origins; however, there are speculations stating that a cargo of white dogs survived a shipwreck hundreds of years ago, then swam towards the island. On the island, the dogs mated with native breeds, which led to the creation of the Coton. As mentioned earlier, this is only based on speculations and still lack on further evidence. Whether or not this story is true, one thing is sure that the Coton proved to be a wonderful dog in Madagascar.

Moreover, it didn’t take long for the isolated Coton to gain recognition in other countries. During the late 20th century, French tourists learned about the magnificent breed. Its discovery extensively boosted its popularity in Europe, wherein many dog lovers admired the breed. From this point, many Coton enthusiasts continued to develop and improve the breed, which resulted in the dog that we know today.

Characteristics of the Coton du Tulear

Height: 9 – 11 inches

Weight: 8 – 15 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15 – 19 years

Hypoallergenic: Yes

As mentioned earlier, the Coton du Tulear is a small breed that could stand up to eleven inches and weighs up to fifteen pounds. This dog is extremely lovable with all the qualities it possesses. Apparent from its name, its appearance resembles that of cotton, mainly because of its white and soft coat. It has a fluffy look, along with eyes that express gentleness. That is why owning a Coton would surely bring joy to the family.

The Coton does not only have an adorable appearance; It also has an incredibly pleasing personality. Their friendly and playful nature is sure to capture the hearts of many people. Furthermore, this dog is also known for its intelligence, making it an excellent show dog.

Moreover, the Coton is undoubtedly a remarkable family dog. It is not a complicated dog, and it would only care more about how to put a smile on its owner’s face. Its calm and gentle nature makes it good to live with the family, even with children. Overall, all of its qualities are factors why the Coton was once regarded as a noble dog.

Caring for the Coton du Tulear

Like most breeds, the Coton du Tulear works best with high-quality dog food. However, be mindful of the amount of food to feed your dog. Overfeeding your dog could lead to obesity and other health problems, so be extra cautious in monitoring its calorie intake. The same thing goes for giving them treats. Treats are a great aid for its training, but excessive consumption of treats could also make your dog overweight.

In terms of its grooming, make sure to brush your dog’s coat regularly to remove dead hair. It should be practiced especially during its early years for your dog to get used to grooming. How frequently you brush your dog’s coat depends on its length.