Cesky Terrier – The Adventurous Terrier

Another dog from the Terrier group – the Cesky Terrier would surely give dog lovers a smile on their face. Who would not love this adorable breed? It’s beautiful, smart, energetic, and a hard-worker. Despite its relatively small size, the Cesky Terrier proves to be fit for various activities. It serves as an excellent companion indoors and outdoors. Its elegant appearance comes with a nice touch of coat and iconic facial hair, giving it a distinct look. A dog that possesses such excellent qualities – the Cesky Terrier is one of a kind breed that is perfect for many households, even for new fur parents. It is no wonder that this breed is considered the national dog of the Czech Republic.

Origins of the Cesky Terrier

Evidently, the Cesky Terrier had a significant part in the history of the Czech Republic. This dog is also known as the Bohemian Terrier, mainly because of its origins from the nation of Bohemia – which is the Czech Republic today.

We can trace back the origins of the Cesky Terrier to the mid 20th century, where the Czech breeder and geneticist Frantisek Horak came up with the idea of breeding a dog that is incredible on the field. Besides his profession, Horak was an excellent hunter in the forest; that is why he aimed to create a dog with enough skills to help him hunt. Horak’s ideal dog should be capable of working individually, hunting rats, as well as working in packs, hunting large mammals. Lastly, the breed should also possess a calm and gentle nature at home, especially towards its family.

Interestingly, Horak succeeded in producing the superior breed, which is now known as the Cesky Terrier. However, the creation of this breed was not as simple as it seems. It took Horak years to develop the Cesky Terrier, which also involved various dogs in the mixture. Among the dogs used in its combination were the Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier – the main reason why Cesky has a great resemblance with these breeds.

The Cesky Terrier continued to spark the interest of many dog lovers over the years, and people became a fan of this magnificent breed. Cesky eventually gained recognition, especially when it reached the United States in the 1980s.

Characteristics of the Cesky Terrier

Height: 10 – 13 inches

Weight: 14 – 24 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Just by looking at the Cesky Terrier’s body statistics, it is evident that this dog is packed with adorable qualities. As mentioned earlier, Cesky is a small breed that could stand up to thirteen inches tall and weighs up to twenty-four pounds. Its small body comes with many interesting features, which include its fine and silky coat – usually comes with various shades of gray. Furthermore, it has an iconic facial hair, giving it a unique appearance.

Moreover, the Cesky Terrier is small, mainly due to its short legs. Despite its size, the Cesky Terrier has an incredibly muscular body, perfect for hunting. This dog has an enormous amount of energy, making it excellent on the field. The Cesky is a natural hunter with a mixture of elegance.

Appearance is not the only factor that makes the Cesky Terrier special. This dog is also known to be highly intelligent. Their intelligence goes well with exceptional hunting skills, making them great hunters. Although they act like tireless hunters on the field, they are affectionate at home. Another excellent factor of the Cesky Terrier is its protective nature. It is interesting how this dog devotes to its family, which is why it is not only a hunter but also an incredible watchdog.

Caring for the Cesky Terrier

When feeding the Cesky Terrier, it is best to consult your local vet for the most suitable diet applicable to your dog. This breed tends to enjoy eating, so always bear in mind to control their calorie count. Like other dog breeds, excessive amounts of food is terrible for your dog and could cause some health problems in the future. Always be mindful of the amount you feed your dog to prevent obesity, as well as other medical conditions.