Central Asian Shepherd Dog – The Courageous Working Dog

Dogs are often known to be territorial in nature, and one breed that indeed proves this point is the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. This breed is large and muscular, making it a useful guard dog. Besides its protective instinct, this dog excels in many other activities.

The stunning appearance of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog showcases a healthy physique. Its looks alone are more than enough to keep intruders at bay, and it is no doubt that this powerful breed is capable of pinning down threats without mauling them. Another remarkable trait of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is its undying courage. Despite its devotion towards its family, this dog is known to be fearless against intruders and predators.

Origins of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Records show that the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is the oldest breed alive today. We can trace back its history to five thousand years ago, wherein experts discovered artifacts of this ancient breed. Furthermore, this dog is not a result of cross-breeding or any human intervented procedures. The purity of this breed shows its fascinating history, which is still present up to our modern world.

Studies show that this dog was the creation of various climates and cultures during ancient times. That is why the CASD has a diversity of types with distinct features depending on the environment. The incredible history of this breed has a significant part in the history of human civilization.

Interestingly, these dogs were tough enough to survive in harsh environments. This way of living helped them adapt to a more sturdy lifestyle, which is why people used them as guard dogs. Even before, people already saw the potential of these dogs, making them the perfect guardians at home. Furthermore, they are not just a protector at home; they also have an affectionate nature that shows an incredible devotion towards their family.

The original breed standard was created in USSR in the 1920s. However, changes in Russia’s history led to the creation of a newer breed called Central Asian Ovcharka – which does not show much difference with the original breed.

Characteristics of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Height: 25.5 – 27.5 inches

Weight: 88 – 110 pounds

Hypoallergenic: No

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog, or CASD, is a large breed that could stand up to more than twenty-seven inches tall and weighs up to 110 pounds. This dog has an incredibly muscular body, which screams power. Its hundred-pound body is a compelling feature as a guard dog. Its appearance might be intimidating at first, because of their large head, along with its wide and bulk upper body.

The CASD works best as a guard dog since it is well-known for its fearlessness against predators. This dog a natural worker and is not limited to protecting houses; it also excels in other activities. Other factors that make this breed versatile is its endurance and exceptional instinct in the field. All of these features make it the perfect guardian for each home.

Moreover, CASD is more than just a guard dog. Despite its intimidating appearance, this dog is known to be affectionate towards its family. At the same time, this dog shows remarkable courage when facing against predators and intruders. Overall, this breed is a combination of strength, endurance, confidence, and skill, making it an outstanding companion.

Caring for the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

CASD is not best for new fur parents. It is simply because this dog requires a more complicated diet compared to other breeds. Its diet should consist of ample amounts of nutrients for it to work at its best. It is mainly due to its overly large body that it also requires excessive amounts of food to digest throughout the day. High-quality dog food works best for CASD, but be mindful of the type and quantity of food you feed them. It is always best to consult your local vet regularly to determine the proper diet for your dog to improve its overall health. Besides dog food, clean water should be available on a regular basis to keep your dog hydrated. With proper monitoring of your dog’s diet, you can prevent them from various medical conditions.