Dog Training

How to Cater For Your Needs Puppy Potty Training

Your new puppy is a pile of energy, bounding up and down stairs and racing through the home. If your new family member is an indoor pet, you need to potty train them. Messy floor pads make one complete room a puppy bathroom, but you still need normal access to your personal items. Crate training is one of the most effective ways to encourage bladder control, but it does not offer versatility like the Puppy Apartment.

Crate Is A Safe Haven

Although domesticated, dogs consider their resting area as a den or personal space. Whether it is a fluffy pillow or a crate, dogs race to their den when they are tired, frightened or stressed. As a side effect to this safe haven mentality, dogs do not want to defecate where they sleep. Unless your dog has a medical issue, they strive to defecate away from the den.


Incorporate Potty Time

The Puppy Apartment keeps the den and bathroom area separate, but locates them adjacent to one another. For example, a crated dog may be in critical need of defecating, but has no way of accessing an approved bathroom. With a Puppy Apartment, they simply walk through an opening from their den to the bathroom to relieve themselves. Incorporating a bathroom with the den allows the dog to feel comfortable about defecating in a specific area. They are less prone to accidents on the carpet if they know their bathroom is right around the corner.

Keep Discipline Separate

Accidents happen for all dogs. It is critical to keep the Puppy Apartment out of the disciplinary process. If the dog sees the den or bathroom as a bad space, they avoid it as much as possible. Always keep the Puppy Apartment part of a positive and happy practice. Place treats in the den from time to time to reinforce the positive idea. Youll find that your dog enjoys potty training as an exercise in fun, rather than a chore.

Outside Training

Take your dog on consistent walks to keep their health and weight in good form. Praise the dog when they defecate on a walk to show that this is the right time for relieving themselves. Your dog will slowly equate the difference between outdoor and indoor defecation. Praise is the key with both indoor and outdoor training to keep your home mess-free.

Puppy Apartments create a comforting atmosphere for growing dogs, allowing them to maintain a healthy digestive system without holding their waste for too long.