Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

We pet lovers share a common dilemma when it comes to cleaning the house – the fur and/or dander all over the place. It’s a normal thing for our pets to shed hair or spread dust and dander. One of the best and easiest ways to solve this problem is the use … Read more

Food Your Puppy Can Eat

Food Your Puppy Can Eat

Puppies grow fast, so you need to provide the proper nutrition to help them grow and mature healthily. They need energy, fuller muscles, and stronger bones and teeth, which they can achieve by eating the right foods. Newborn puppies need nutrition from their mother’s milk until they are about four weeks of … Read more

Making Dog Food at Home

Making Dog Food at Home

There’s nothing like a healthy and delicious, homemade meal at suppertime. Guess what, the same feelings go for dogs, too. Do you enjoy eating the exact same food every meal? Of course not, and dogs experience this if you feed them the exact same dog food every now and then. Dogs love … Read more

Foods that we can give our dogs

Things You Must Consider Before Giving Dry Food to Your Dogs

For all those who have dogs, it is very common that when it comes to cooking or eating, let’s see the famous “little dog face” of our furry in search of our greatest weakness, which is the love we have, to feed them with something more than Not croquettes. However, that is when we get curious about what foods can be harmful to them.

This post will help you know what foods we consume will be good for them. I propose that you do not feed your dogs with the food with which we feed. Just do it when you want to give it a prize or sometimes you do not have more options, because sometimes dogs do not want to eat because they get bored of the same food. You can also check out human foods safe for dogs for more great options.

Fruits and vegetables

These foods should be consumed in moderation as the fruit contains a lot of sugar . Dogs are carnivores so fruits and vegetables should only be a supplement in their diets (15% or 20% is sufficient). 

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Taking Care of Your Puppy with Allergies

Training Your Puppy to Go on Walks

Do you know that allergies are not just common to humans, but also to dogs, too? Just like us, they can overreact to allergens in foods or from the environment. Puppies with allergies need extra care to prevent complications and help alleviate the symptoms. To know how to take care of and … Read more

Why do Dogs Love to Chew Bones?

Beautiful Dog

It’s a familiar scene – you gave your puppy a shank bone chunk with some meat scraps, and she is happily gnawed on the meat. But she doesn’t stop when all the meat is gone. She continues chewing on the bone, biting, scraping, grinding, and crushing all that is left. She seems … Read more

How to care for your dog

A lot of care with the Dogs

Keeping a dog as a pet is an amazing experience. But like human beings, pets also require a lot of caring. And also just like us they don’t come with an instruction manual. Worry not, Puppyplace has got you covered. Be a vigilant dog-parent It is important to keep a check on … Read more

Myths About Dog Baths

Dog Baths

Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs can’t and don’t groom themselves. They need regular bathing and grooming for them to stay clean and healthy. Plus, who doesn’t want a good-smelling dog? Regular baths for dogs can also keep your couch free of mud prints and your carpets free of excess dirt. Here are … Read more

10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool In the Summer

10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool this Summer

Summers are toughest weather, for human and also for our pets. The intense heat can not only reduce appetite and desire to move, but can also have more serious consequences, such as the dreaded heat stroke. In this article, we are providing you with some tips to protect your dog from the … Read more

Dog Food and Feeding Tips

A food container full of kibbles on a blurry background

It’s hard to know what, how often and how much to feed your dog. Read on for answers to the most common feeding questions for dogs in general. The following pages have The Puppy Place’ answers to dog-specific feeding questions. When it comes to dog food and feeding tips, choosing the best … Read more