10 Best Medicated Dog Shampoo Reviews

Medicated Dog Shampoos There have been so many ways to take care of your favorite pet and you need so many different things to give the maximum comfort. The pet is part of your life and you would not like to spare anything for your pet to feel uncomfortable. The list of … Read more

The Best Gadgets for Dogs

Petcube Play Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Hi-tech gadgets such as smartphones and computers can make our lives easier. But did you know that not only humans can enjoy gadgets? There are also cool devices for our dogs as well. These dog gadgets can certainly improve your dog’s lifestyle and give them the taste of the doggie good life. … Read more

Should You Get Your Dog an Elk Antler Chew Toy?

Dogs Need to Chew

If you’re a dog owner, chances are that you’ve discovered at least one chewed-up slipper or shoes at some point. Dogs will chew on anything and everything that they can get their paws on, as long as the taste doesn’t put them off. This is why dog owners invest in so many … Read more

Best Dog Crates for a Puppy

PetMate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door

Puppy crates are the same as dog crates but they are smaller in size. These crates are used in keeping puppies caged to prevent unwanted incidents such as chewing clothes, furniture, and other items. It can also help puppies avoid possibly hurting themselves while unsupervised. Aside from that, it can also be … Read more

How to Help Your Dog Cope with the Stress of Moving

dog Moving out

Dogs are often known for their happy-go-lucky attitude, their loyalty, and their desire to be part of the family. They are happy to be with their owners at all times, no matter where their owner may be. With that said, just like with humans, dogs can feel stressed out and anxious from … Read more

The Top Items to Bring Home With Your New Puppy

Being a parent of a new puppy is like having a new baby in the house. If you’re not prepared, it will be very difficult, stressful and challenging for you and the puppy. You and your household will have to make some adjustments to keep the puppy comfortable and at home. Remember, … Read more

Making your own Puppy Treats

If you’ve ever given your pet a treat, you know how excited they get about them. Many pet owners, especially those with dogs, use treats as a way to reward their pet for some positive action or trick. There are also many pet snacks available in the market today, so most of … Read more

Tips for Grooming a Puppy

You love snuggling and cuddling your pet, especially when she smells nice and clean. But as a dog owner, you know that your dog doesn’t stay that way every time. Every so often, their fur will catch grime, and their paws will get dirty. Regular grooming is an essential part of pet … Read more

Picking a Potty Training Crate for Your Puppy

Picking a Potty Training Crate for Your Puppy

Using a crate can be a good idea for potty training your puppy if you can’t supervise him at all times. It may not look like a dog toilet-training device, but it helps and it works. If you confine your puppy in a crate, he won’t be able to ease in other … Read more

Common Mistakes When Feeding Your Dog

Dog owners take pride in the type of care they give to their pets. One of the ways pet owners show their affection is by providing their dogs with food, but a lot of them don’t always know what to do. Some think that the type of food they eat and how … Read more