Spanish Water Dog – The Playful Working Dog

A parti-color Spanish Water Dog

Herding dogs are often known for their unique and beautiful appearance. Their coat conveys an affectionate nature, along with their exceptional talent when it comes to working in the field. As talented and devoted as they are, these dogs also have their playful side. Some herding dogs possess qualities that are irresistibly … Read more

Pyrenean Shepherd – The Enthusiastic and Affectionate Herding Dog

Smooth-coated Pyrenean Shepherd

Another breed that originated from the Pyrenean Mountains – the Pyrenean Shepherd is a clear definition of a herding dog. Besides being an all-around herder, the Pyrenean Shepherd is a fascinating breed that flaunts its beautiful looks. Because of its elegant coat, this breed is sure to turn heads on the streets … Read more

Pyrenean Mastiff – The Gentle Giant of Spain

A Pyrenean Mastiff

Massive and powerful: these are only some of the Pyrenean Mastiff’s incredible characteristics. One thing that you would easily notice in the Pyrenean Mastiff is its large body. It is considered a giant dog since it could stand up to more than thirty inches. The large size of this dog is packed … Read more

Pumi – The Energetic and Hardworking Herder


Hungary is known to be the birthplace of several herding dogs. Interestingly, we can easily recognize these herders for their body characteristics, especially their coat. Hungarian breeds are known for their unique coats that usually come in thick, curled, or corded. These iconic features of the Hungarian herding breeds are what make … Read more

Puli – The Cord-Coated Herding Dog

A black Puli

Herding dogs have built a strong reputation in the field, wherein workers usually rely on them in various tasks. These dogs are built for work, but it is not the only thing that makes them attractive. Herding dogs, like any other breeds, have a unique and beautiful appearance. Their looks vary in … Read more

Pug – The Charming and Lovable Toy Dog

A fawn-colored Pug

Dog lovers couldn’t resist the charms of toy dogs. Toy dogs are known to have charming characteristics that are sure to attract dog owners. Such breeds are equipped with a positive nature; they are eager to please their owners and would make sure to stay adorable all the time. Many toy breeds … Read more

Pudelpointer – The Intelligent German Hunting Dog


A vital trait a hunting dog should possess is calmness and self-control. For a dog to be able to hunt down its target successfully, it should know how to be calm to focus on its prey. These features are essential for a dog to dominate the hunting field. Combined with keen instincts … Read more

Portuguese Water Dog – The Adventurous Working Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

From the name itself, the Portuguese Water Dog is a breed that definitely loves water. Because of its fondness for water, the breed became a favorite of fishermen. Many fishers admire the Portuguese Water Dog because of its effectiveness in the water, offering incredible help to the workers. The breed’s excellent characteristics … Read more

Portuguese Sheepdog – The Intelligent and Devoted Herding Dog

A Portuguese Sheepdog

Sheepdogs are known for their devotion and skill when it comes to working. They are always highly loyal towards their master, making sure to get the job done. The ideal sheepdog is a great combination of power, agility, and intelligence. These features clearly define the all-around working dog, the Portuguese Sheepdog. The … Read more

Portuguese Pointer – The Smart Portuguese Hunter

A Portuguese Pointer

An excellent hunting dog always makes sure to get the job done. Being able to track and capture its target is its primary mission; it usually works by the side of its master. The use of hunting dogs became widespread over the years, wherein people used them for survival. Because of this, … Read more