Learn About the History of Dog Breeding and the Major Dog Breeds

Breeding relies on the science of genetics. A breeder who has the knowledge about canine genetics and health can breed suitable dogs. Hundreds of dog breeds have been developed through this process. The offspring’s characteristics in a dog’s reproduction without human intervention are determined by “natural selection.” While “artificial selection” is when … Read more

Dog Breeds with the Shortest Life Expectancy

Dogs are one of the best animals to be kept as pets. They are easy to train and fun to play with as well. But before choosing what breed to take home as a pet, there are many things to consider such as their temperament, the kind and amount of food they … Read more

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Living with nasal allergies might be common, but it’s horrible. One with allergies has to endure the constant sneezing, sniffling and the itchy and burning sensation on the nasal area. Another unfortunate thing about having this type of allergy is that it’s hard to own adorable furry pets like dogs. But don’t … Read more

What are the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds?

What are theMost Intelligent Dog Breeds?

Dogs are smart – they are the only animals who can understand at a deeper level than other animals. It’s amazing how they know when we need a companion, how they can understand our instructions, and how they sense whenever we are leaving them behind when other pets (like cats, for example) … Read more

Chow Chow, a Charming and Beautiful Dog

Chow Chow is a distinctive-looking dog breed that looks fluffy and cuddly at the same time. However, don’t let its looks deceive you, the Chow Chow can be aloof and downright suspicious of strangers. Generally, dogs of this breed are bright, quiet, serious-minded and independent – traits which don’t make the best … Read more