The Top 5 Most Common Ailments in Older Dogs

The Top 5 Most Common Ailments in Older Dogs

Taking care of a senior dog can come with a decent set of challenges that you’ll face as your canine companion begins to experience the negative effects of aging. Even though your furry friend has gotten older, they’re still just a big puppy to you, so it makes sense that you’d want … Read more

3 Training Exercises to Perfect Your Dog’s Manners

3 Training Exercises to Perfect Your Dog's Manners

Your new furry companion can be as intelligent as a young child. Like a kid, you need to show it the ropes. While raising a pup is not nearly as demanding and complicated as parenting a human baby, it does require your discipline and guidance. Here are some training exercises to consider … Read more

The Wonder and Beauty of Animals

The Wonder and Beauty of Animals

As humans, it’s easy to take the wonder of animals for granted. Any pet owner knows the comfort a cat or dog can bring to daily life, and we get used to the fun and sense of play these amazing animals bring to us. Our pets talk to us and give us … Read more

Ferret Care Tips: How To Enhance Your Ferret’s Life

Repairing and Maintaining a Golf CourseFerret Care Tips

Ferret care tips are very important because you need to be very careful with these tiny animals.  You have to come up with a few ways to help these animals live well.  Also, you need to think of what your best option is when your ant to get the pet to live … Read more

Looking for Signs of Allergies in Your Dog

Signs of Allergies in Dogs

Just like us humans, dogs can also suffer from allergies. Dog allergies are common, however, it can be difficult to know when they are suffering from allergies because the way we might react to a certain allergen is not necessarily the way our dogs will react. For example, if heavy pollen counts … Read more

Can Pets Use CBD Oils?

Can Pets Use CBD Oils

Your pet is an important part of the family and you would give anything in your power to make sure that they stay healthy. So when this furry family member falls sick, going for the best medical treatment is second nature. As it turns out, these days something known as CBD has … Read more

Dog Movies of the 90’s Ranked

Top Dog

Who hasn’t seen the latest cute dog picture someone has posted on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram because their owners love to post photos of them. Some even have their own social media accounts. But before dogs ruled the internet, they first became famous in Hollywood. The ’90s … Read more

Interesting Facts and Statistics about Puppies

Interesting Facts and Statistics about Puppies

No doubt, puppies are adorable. Their cute little steps, their wiggling butts, and their furry fluffiness – they all make our hearts go warm. When you care so much about them, you want to know more about them, right? Well, here are some interesting facts about them: 1. 44% of households in … Read more

Names for Original and Beautiful Dogs

beautiful dogs

Choosing beautiful dogs name is a complicated task because you will spend years using it on a daily basis. It is normal that you have doubts and try to search the Internet for references and ideas to give the appropriate name to your dog. Sometimes it just needs to know your new pet to give it its new name but sometimes this decision becomes something more complex. The name of your dog will accompany you forever and that is why if you dedicate some time to this search and you add some creativity you can get original and beautiful dogs names.

 Why we should give our dog an original name

The dog is a domestic mammal of the family of “Canids” that has lived with the human being for a minimum of 9,000 years. There are more than 800 breeds of all sizes, temperaments and qualities and practically all of them can take on all kinds of functions: company, guard, police, hunting, guide. Dogs give us infinite advantages.

It is a very intelligent species that assumes different mental tasks, from communication to learning orders through the ability to solve problems, all of which can be developed through your master or by observation of other dogs. There are smarter breeds than others but we will always keep in mind that all dogs understand feel and have physical and mental needs. For these reasons, we must know that it is important that our dog receive an original name that distinguishes it from all other dogs. He will identify with the name we choose and respond to it.

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Tips for giving a cat a pill

Tips for giving a cat a pill

We all know the genuine character of cats. The fact is that these domestic cats need all our care, since they are susceptible to suffer numerous diseases. Apart from diseases and health issues, the cat may still need medications from time to time to stay fit, eat better etc. For this reason, … Read more