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Does a castrated dog live longer?

Many people decide to castrate their dogs and sterilize their dogs because they are aware of the problems of canine overpopulation to avoid the complications brought by the reproductive behavior of dogs or, in some cases to solve problems of aggressiveness.

However, sterilization of dogs has other benefits for pets. Scientists at the University of Georgia have shown that sterilized dogs live longer. This had been proposed by the sterilization promoters long ago but had not been scientifically verified until now. Want to know why a castrated dog lives longer.

dog live longer

How much does a sterile dog live?

Scientists from the University of Georgia studied 40,139 dog death records between 1984 and 2004 and found that the mean age of death of non-sterile dogs was 7.9 years while that of sterilized dogs was 9.4 Years. That is, almost two years of difference between both groups. At the time of this research, it was already known that other living organisms that do not reproduce have a life expectancy higher than those reproduced, but the reasons were not clear.

In the case of dogs, however, it was found that those who were sterilized were more likely to die of cancer or autoimmune diseases, while those who were not sterilized were more likely to die from infectious diseases or trauma. This may explain, at least in part, the difference in life expectancy between the two groups.

Scientists indicate that the mortality ages of the cases studied are lower than in the canine population in general, because they were reports of dogs that had been referred to veterinary clinics for being ill. However, they explain, the difference in life expectancy between sterilized and non-sterilized dogs can be extrapolated to the healthy canine population.

At what age should a dog be castrated?

The ideal would be to sterilize a dog after the second heat and to a male from the 5 or 6 months of life never too soon, since it could damage the growth and alter the homeostasis of the organism. On the contrary, it is not advisable to castrate a dog older than 7 years, that is, an old dog.

Ligature sterilizes in this case, two ligatures are made in the horns of the uterus of the females or in the spermatic cord of the males and a cut is made in the middle. In this case, the animal continues to generate hormones, although it cannot be reproduced. If you are considering sterilizing a dog to increase your life expectancy and even reduce overpopulation or behavior problem do not forget also that the castration of the dog carries advantages in his health.


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