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6 tips to better control your dog’s barking

You know your dog’s barking serve to warn us of danger, as a sign of affection or expression of happiness. However, there are times when they become unbearable. In the following article we give some tips to control excessive barking of your pet.

Tips to reduce your dog’s barking

First of all, you must remember that barking is natural for your dog as it is their way of communication as people have the words. But it is also true that you, as leader of the pack, you must control the barking of your dog not become a nightmare.

Some breeds are more labradoras than others. Furthermore, according to the tolerance threshold you have to noises, you will have to implement several or some of the following recommendations to avoid the barking of your dog:

dogs barking

1. Fixes

Choose a strategy to tell the hairy must remain silent when barking too. It can be a look, a specific sound (eg “no”) or a physical correction (giving a soft touch by hand). Once the animal understands that this is the signal to stop barking, it will be easier to achieve the goal.

But you should keep in mind that perhaps at first stop for a moment and then resume its “singing”. This is because your brain remains alert and continues to perceive something that is not in place. You should also not give up on the first try. Do not forget that pets require patience and many repetitions to acquire a habit.

2. Interrupts

If your dog is barking to get attention, you have to act accordingly. This means that if your pet gets off the fridge and barks for food when it’s not your time, or starts with the barking when you talk on the phone, you sit down to watch TV or no visits at home, then you must put an end to that attitude.

Another technique that you can serve is to ignore the barking when they are of this type. Chances are that after a few minutes to get tired and desist in its mission. If “you follow the flow”, the dog will know that way gets what he wants and will thus acting daily.

3. Calma

You and the dog you must be calm for training to bear fruit. If you clutter the barking and above it you get angry or frustrated, it will be worse. You will not have the ability to correct the problem behavior that has your pet. Also, you should be aware that animals reflect the energy of its owner.

Therefore, if you are irritable, he will be too. But if you find yourself relaxed but at the same time secure your command, he will take them properly and you will ignore. Take a deep breath before downloading your anger against hairy.

4. Claim

You are the leader of the pack, do not forget. If the dog is barking the same object, situation or person, get close to it to show that you are in charge. Claim that stimulus as if it were himself and the animal will notice that no you have to worry about.

Use your body and your attitude to build an invisible wall through which he cannot pass. You will be amazed what effect this has on your pet.

5. Challenge

Your dog’s bark is often related to an instrument to release pent up energy. So what better to help him through games and exercises to drain all that effusiveness? Take a walk it every day if only to turn around apple, throw him the ball or toy to look … do everything possible to remove excess energy that has accumulated.

6. Take advice

There is nothing wrong consult with a professional to help you in this task of educating your dog, especially if after a time you cannot stop barking. A veterinarian or a coach may be just what you need. The misbehavior animal must come to an end as soon as possible.

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