Are Toy Dogs The Ideal Pet?

Toy dogs refer to a group or a breed of small dogs, which have dozens of various kinds you can possibly pick for yourself. They are the ancient breeds for a traditional lapdog. But is this kind of breed an ideal pet for everyone? Well, there are things you will need to consider first before getting yourself a toy breed.

Ups and Down of Toy Breeds

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Despite their size similar to an actual toy, these breeds have something mutual that may or may not suit you. If you think you can handle this type of dog breed being around your house, you should learn these things first.

1. Most Portable Breeds of All, But Breakable. Because of their miniature size, these toy dogs are the most portable breeds of all. They are so small they can even fit inside a handbag while you travel with them in style. Traveling with a toy breed is never a problem since having a place for them is almost worry-free. They can sit beside you, in your bag, even on your lap; there is nothing to concern about while traveling with these pooches.

Also, because of their small size, these dogs are delicate and breakable. If left unsupervised with rough playing kids inside the house, these fragile toy dogs are prone to severe injuries.

2. Great Lapdogs, But They Can be Needy. Toy breeds are the original or the first lapdogs. Ever. These pooches can sit and sleep on your lap all day long without you ever need to stretch. Because of their relatively small size and weight, toy dogs are always the perfect lapdogs you can have.

In comparison with other dog breeds, toy dogs tend to be needy of their owners. They want attention and care from their owners, like all the time. And if they don’t get what they need, they will cry for help for hours. 


3. Good Alert Dogs, But Yappy as Well. Now, this is one quality that is best in toy dogs, being an alert dog. Toy dogs are very observant pooches. They constantly bark at everyone other than the ones living together in the house. They may not sound big when barking, but you can always count on them to notice anyone coming into the house.

This trait of toy breeds is also a downside of them since these little guys are very yappy. They can seem to bark all they long without getting any tired of it. So you better get used to it if you decide to get a toy breed in the house.

4. Everything is Smaller, But Less of Them to Be Cared For. Since toy breeds are small, all things they do are tags along with their size as well. Like their poop, for example, they can only have a pea-sized or toy-sized poop every now and then. And for the shedding case, you probably won’t even notice it unless you haven’t cleaned up for weeks. Also, food is definitely not expensive since toy breeds won’t eat like an adult Labrador. They will only eat in the size of their feet, so you will need to store less dog food for them.

5. Best Sleeping Buddies, But Tends to be Lazy. These toy dogs love to sleep and even more if they do it with their owners. That’s why toy breeds are the best sleeping buddies because one they could ever want in this world is to share the bed or couch together with their owners while sleeping. And this trait of toy breeds is also why they tend to be lazy in most cases. If you are an active person, you will surely notice your pet toy dogs sleeping more than you can actually do in a day.

Most toy dog breeds share these traits and personalities, and sometimes, it will be difficult for them to change these traits unless they can be trained for a long time. So in case you are not ready to have a toy dog, you better consider having a larger dog, or perhaps some feline will do. But after checking these characteristics and still in love with having a toy dog, then go ahead and grab yourself a perfect match. Just be sure to handle them with care and lots of love. If you like this article, you may also want to check out our post regarding the effective flea treatments for dogs.