4 Ways to Attract More Pet Owners to Your Business

It’s typical for modern pet owners to humanize their pets and have no qualms about spending resources so that their furred family members can live a long, healthy, and happy life. Many establishments have taken notice of this shift in attitude towards pet ownership, and a good number of them is now taking efforts to brand their business as pet-friendly. 

Given the competition, standing out from other pet-friendly establishments can be a little difficult these days. One way that businesses can get a leg up on the competition is by partnering with experienced suppliers of custom dog toys and accessories. These companies have made it their business to strengthen a brand’s emotional connection with pet parents, and they can help your business do the same. 

At the same time, you can also take steps in bringing pet owners closer to your brand. To get started, check out our tips below:  

1. Increase online presence.

One of the most important things to do when promoting your business is to build a strong online presence by connecting and communicating with your customers. You can utilize the power of social media to reach and engage pet-owning consumers. After all, most pet parents rely on social media platforms to research and share information about their beloved companions.

Bring your online community together by encouraging them to share stories and contribute to discussions. You can do this by creating relatable posts, threads, and ads and hosting pet-centered events or celebrations.

2. Partner with a reliable pet company or brand.

Trust is valuable in the pet industry, which is why it’s worth it to take your time to build a connection with consumers who happen to be pet owners. One of the ways that you can do this is by partnering with a brand that your target market knows and trusts.  

For businesses that aren’t in the pet industry, you can associate yourself with leading companies that offer popular and high-quality pet products and services. With their help, you will not just be able to promote your company better, but you’ll also leave a better impression on pet owners.

3. Become an advocate of animal welfare.

Actions speak louder than words, which is why you must do more than just publish posts and initiate marketing campaigns on social media. You actually have to make decisions that will reflect your commitment to a particular cause. Making a move to back your talk can help your brand build rapport with pet owners.

The most effective way to establish this kind of connection is to promote animal welfare causes. This shows fur parents and prospective clients that your brand is not just in it for the revenue, but you’re making a move because you actually care.  

4. Think outside the box.

Don’t limit pet involvement to ad campaigns. In order to reach pet owners, think of services and products that they might need or like and relate it to your business. If, for example, you are managing a pet-friendly hotel, your establishment can offer pet-sitting services or a shop that specifically caters to pet owners. If you are a retailer, maybe you can order customized dog toys that look like the product you are selling and give it away to loyal customers. There are a lot of ways you can make your services or products more relevant to pet owners—that is, if you look at things from a different angle.  For example consider offering unique pet memorial gifts for the passing of a loved one or other unique offerings.

To sum everything up, promoting your business is more than just introducing or branding yourself as a “pet-friendly” company. In order to attract more customers, it’s important to work on building an emotional connection that circles around feelings of loyalty, trust, and companionship—the very same emotions that pets make their fur parents feel.