3 Training Exercises to Perfect Your Dog’s Manners

Your new furry companion can be as intelligent as a young child. Like a kid, you need to show it the ropes. While raising a pup is not nearly as demanding and complicated as parenting a human baby, it does require your discipline and guidance. Here are some training exercises to consider if you want to refine your dog’s behavior. If your curiosity about dog care and dog training is piqued after reading this article, Leigh, mummy to a beautiful daughter and two pets, a dog and a cat, offers tips and recommendations on her website Petsho.

1. Staying in the Home Zone

Your dog should recognize and respect certain boundaries when it comes to you, your home, and the world. If you have a lawn without fences, you may want your dog to hang out with you outside without leaving your territory. Wireless dog fences can come in handy. These invisible containment systems are laid underground while your pet wears a transmitter collar. When your dog approaches the border, the collar will beep. Once your dog crosses over the boundary, the collar will deliver a safe but surprising static shock or spray.

This nifty system requires a two to three-week training routine. Put up temporary flags that indicate where the border is. Walk your dog on a leash to the boundaries until the collar beeps. Immediately lead the dog back into the safe zone with rewards. Repeat for a couple of days, then allow your dog to feel the static correction (set at a low level). If it comes back into the safe zone, reward it. Set up a wide range of distractions right outside the boundary and reward your dog if it doesn’t leave the safe zone. When your dog shows consistency, eliminate the leash but maintain a watchful eye. Read the training guides provided by the system manufacturer for more details.

2. Walking on a Leash

Taking your dog for a walk should be a pleasant bonding experience. While you should allow your dog to explore and sniff its surroundings, you don’t want to be constantly pulled in whichever direction it desires. Training your dog to walk or jog alongside you can create an ideal sense of companionship and camaraderie.

First, let your dog burn some energy with fetching or wrestling before going on a trained walk. Bring tiny pea-sized treats along in a pouch or belt bag. If your dog starts to pull on the leash, stop dead in your tracks. Interrupt the walk and call your dog back to sit. This teaches your dog that pulling stops the fun. Whenever your dog follows your pace right beside you, reward it with praises and treats. You can experiment with progressive pacing and move to jogging once your dog shows that it understands what you want.

3. Jumping and Barking

If your dog jumps on people too much or barks incessantly at any small trigger, there are things you can do to address these behaviors. The most important thing is to never accidentally encourage jumping or barking. If your dog excitedly jumps on you when you enter your home, do not fully open the door until it has calmed down. If your pup jumps on you while you’re holding a toy or preparing to feed it, drop what you’re doing, turn around, and walk away. The same goes for barking. Teach your dog that jumping and barking does not lead anywhere.

When your dog starts jumping or barking, calmly and firmly command it to sit without raising your voice. Yelling might just make your dog more excited. You can interrupt an undesired behavior, then reward your pup with a treat once it successfully switches mindset. It’s also important to socialize your dog and de-sensitize it to various stimuli. If your dog barks at people and other animals, ask friends to walk by with their pets during a training session. If your dog jumps on guests, invite more friends over while supervising and controlling your dog’s reactions.

Every dog has its own unique personality and character. All pooches need different levels of guidance. Investing the time and effort into training your dog is a worthwhile endeavor that will create the perfect interspecies harmony in your home and strengthen your relationship. Man’s best friend can be trained to become the perfect partner.