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The Canary, a bird of beautiful singing

It is a bird with the largest presence in the houses. No wonder stroll through any neighborhood and hear the singing of these birds seem friendly hello as we passed.

Universally known, the canary has its origins in the Canary Islands, but not only this Spanish archipelago hails this cheerful bird, as also from Ozores, Cape Verde and Madeira were exported to the rest of the world in the sixteenth century.

canary bird

In Germany is considered the cradle of canary breeding, mutations that were to give the yellow copy, a prototype on the retina of many still remains as the original canary experienced. Very few know that the wild (Serinus Canaria) is the ‘grandfather’ of all canaries. It was olive green, almost gray and not its size exceeded 12 cm. Continue reading

The Macaws

The Scarlet Macaws are red and yellow colors large parrots that live in Central and South America. Macaws in South America are different from those living in Central America. The South American scarlet macaw Ara macao macao, lives in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and has some green on their wings. The Central American scarlet macaw, Ara macao cyanoptera is in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, is larger than the South American and has blue on its wings.

The Scarlet Macaw lives in undisturbed rain forest, feeding on fruits, nuts, flowers and nectar. Sometimes eats green fruit and nuts that other animals do not consume. They also consume some coastal clay banks. No one is sure why they do that, but clay seems to be important to them as they risk being captured by wild cats and other predators when they land on the ground to consume.

The Macaws

Scarlet macaws nest in cavities in the trunks, which provide them protection to adults and young people. Each pair of Scarlet macaws bred only one or two chicks per year, those who remain with their parents for one to two years. This means that only some adults have pups in each year and the number of birds in the population increases very fast. Continue reading

Care of dogs in their old age

A dog is considered major when it passes from the seven years of life, although not all are equal note. The dogs are often great old earlier than small ones. Once your pet is part of the Third Age, you will begin to have some care special to avoid accidents musculoskeletal and cardiovascular, its top risks.

The dogs like humans, with the passage of time, change their behavior, even character can become a bit cranky and irritable, which in most cases these changes are due to natural causes.

The changes in behavior and character can be improved and that currently there are certain drugs for the treatment of organic disorders, its all about the specialist then previous tests and then the appropriate diagnosis. Continue reading

Dogs with overweight tips

Different factors allow our pet becoming overweight. Often excesses in food make his weight increase. Some dog breeds are more likely than others to suffer from obesity by rapidly eating their food, out of this bad habits and lack of exercise lead to increase kilos quickly.

Excess weight in dogs can cause health problems such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Studies show that 25% of overweight dogs experience severe joint problems making their activity decreases, increasing their health problems.

Dogs with overweight

Obese dogs have shorter life expectancy than healthy dogs. Therefore should exercise certain controls to avoid serious problems. Continue reading

How to care of your Cat Hair

There are many people who love cats and keep them as your best pet. Having a cat at home involves many responsibilities, from ensuring their health to keep well presented.

There are many concepts and feelings about cats, but this does not mean that it does not require all our attention to this end we have prepared an article so that you learn how to care for your cat hair and make it look healthy and shiny.

Cat Hair Care

You must brush your cat frequently, get from small to this routine that can be very nice as it is at the same time a massage and an affection. This task will help to prevent the animal hairs which can swallow sick, besides helping control your fall will keep the house clean for longer. Continue reading

The Care of Axolote

The Axolote is an amphibian that it needs an aquarium to live and who loves the fresh meat from other fellow marine. This amphibian has become a fascinating pet enthusiast for aquariums.

For those who want to have a copy of these, it is important to note that many need extensive care. Although it is not an animal that is very demanding in terms of accommodation, it is important to get a water temperature not exceeding 23 ° c. In this sense, would have to take extra precautions during the summer months.

Care Axolote

If you’ve decided on the adoption of this exotic pet you have to keep in mind that you will need some special care in order to live in a house properly. Continue reading

Best Food for Cats

Many cat owners are unaware of the type of food that will be supplied to the cats. Usually it is known more about food for dogs. Most diseases in cats are due to poor nutrition.

If you feed cats with cats homemade food or food packaging is very important to check the ingredients of the food and its effects both positive and negative health cat. In the case of canned cat food, you should carefully read the label at the time of purchase, but can be useless if you are not aware of the pros and cons of the ingredients.

Best Food for Cats

The preservatives and artificial flavors are harmful to the cat’s health and welfare. Protein is one of the ingredients most in the cat food too. Both meat proteins and protein plants play a vital role in the growth and development of a healthy cat. Continue reading

A special care for the dog Havanese

Havanese is a small and homely company race. It is renowned for its fine silky fur, besides being a dog happy and active. Its name comes from the French Bichon meaning “lap dog” and habanero, or Havanese, for its particular color similar to tan.

It is a dog who likes the family atmosphere, cuddles and caresses; not recommended to go long without company, leave it alone because it can cause problems. He used to live in an apartment as long as it is offered daily exercise, at least a little walk.


To keep his hair in good condition, you need to apply two or three weekly brushing; you should not cut his hair or clippers. It is important to monitor the area of the eyes and ears, as it is prone to ear infections and diseases eye. I often cry eyes, and humidity constant can dye her white hair. Continue reading

Dogs with overweight feeding

Dogs have been considered as the best pet because it is a great pet, are loyal and faithful to their owners. Having a dog at home provides security preventing the entry of undesirable persons. They must provide the care necessary for his health does not deteriorate.

Obesity is a problem that affects our dogs. If your dog is overweight, then it is an indication that you are giving him or inadequate food is exceeding it.

dog on a diet - english bulldog sad about dieting

Do not forget that an overweight dog is an unhappy dog and is also susceptible to various diseases such as cancer, diseases of the heart, canine diabetes, disorders, respiratory, arthritis, etc.. Continue reading

Important Care for Birds

The care of this species, is very simple, but this does not indicate they are neglected since they get sick by a poor diet can complicate his recovery. We must present several aspects that go from their food, physical care and place of location.

The power of the bird for any reason should be neglected. We must provide you with birdseed appropriate for him. Each bird needs a certain power and some specific seeds, so it will be recommended that it gives food particular, can find it in specialty stores.


Add to their diet some fruit, lettuce, spinach or worms to grow healthy and strong.

The plumage changes are common in birds, but bring with them an impairment of the animal, therefore it is suitable that you add a diet rich in vitamins and minerals with a bit of moisture (e.g. by spraying) so in addition to cooling, can be removed more quickly that plumage that spare. Continue reading