Dog Allergies: 3 Crucial Ways to Keep Your Pet Protected

Life in the modern world has seen more food groups introduced into our diets more than any other period in time. No longer confined by geographical space or time, we can now eat foods our ancestors could only ever have imagined without travelling far nor spending too much money. With such benefits come a couple of drawbacks however and food allergies are just one of them. Unaccustomed to certain things or particular nutrients, the effect these things might have on our health can be mild to severe.

What most people might be surprised to know however is that food allergies extend as much to animals and pets just as much as they do to us humans. When it comes to helping to keep your dog protected then, you could do a lot worse than educate yourself over the types of things that can cause them problems when it comes to dog food. Here are three crucial ways to help protect your pooch.


Pay a Close Eye to Reactions

Dogs will usually react to food a couple of hours to several hours after consumption. For the careful dog owner then, paying close attention to their behaviour, after introducing new or unusual foods to their diet is fundamental. Continue reading

Why do dogs pant?

The dogs pant to cool down: open their mouth, stick out their tongues and inhale air at high speed. This complex mechanism helps to release excess heat from their bodies. However, excessive panting can also anticipate a dangerous heat stroke. But other times, the dog breathes an accelerated mode notifies you afraid, under stress, suffering from a disease or need to lose a few kilos urgently. This article gives four reasons why dogs pant and points how to recognize when rapid breathing hides a health problem.

1. Dogs pant to cool down

The hot dogs can not break a sweat. The reason is that the dogs do not have sweat glands scattered throughout the skin, as if we humans. “The most efficient way for a dog to lose heat is through his mouth, by evaporation”, says veterinarian Fausto Andres, head of Má website. This explains why, after exercise or when the thermometer rises on the street, the dogs take out the tongue, and breathe faster jadeen.


Although they have sweat glands in their pads areas, these are not sufficient to remove all the heat off our furry friends. Therefore, the panting of his mouth and removing water vapor through their language are the most effective mechanisms through which the dog has to be refrigerated. Continue reading

Tips to prevent cat scratching house

All cats need to scratch and scrape. But how do you keep the sand cat nails on the couch or table home? There are several tricks that prevent the cat from scratching the furniture that are explained below.

Among them, study their habits of scratching, use the scraper to get sanding areas and settle for it, cover the furniture chosen by the pet to sharpen their nails and even use catnip. But what do you do while learning and scratching the furniture? This article also explains that in this situation you should never scold, unless we catch him “with paws on the ground”.


All cats scratch: reasons

All cats need to scratch: it is an instinctive and essential for feline behavior. “While some people think that your cat scratch the furniture from home by simple entertainment, the truth is that all cats scratch objects innately in their natural environment and for different reasons”, says the Association against Cruelty to Animals. Cats scratch to get rid of dead tissue layers and keep their nails manicured claws. Continue reading

What technology can do to care for your pets?

Millions of videos and pictures of LOL cats or dogs monkeying give a clear indication that there is a strange bond between pet lovers and technology. Perhaps this is the reason that, as happens with people, have increasingly focused on technological solutions to solve their problems, like necklaces that monitor their health or a television channel (in the USA) with content created for dogs .

In this case we show two gadgets, one focused on dogs and one for cats, seeking help to care for the health of your pets while you’re not home.

care for your pets

The first is the Bistro, cat feeder, but not of any kind. The computer has a built sensor that lets you recognize the cat that came to eat and give fair ration of food and water, according to the settings made by the owner. This is not only useful for those who hit the road and have to leave your pet alone, but also to look after his health. You can set the amount of food to avoid eating or keep your cat healthy weight. Continue reading

How to care for a deaf dog

The hearing and smell are the greatest assets of our dogs. How can we care for or communicate with one who can not hear? Contrary to what one might think, it is much simpler than it seems. Yes, you have to be patient and disposal.

The first is to banish all possible myths that can rotate around these pets. A deaf dog does not have to be less lively and playful, or more aggressive and grumpy, you do not have this problem. It is true that they can be scarier because they lack this important sense that tells them what they have around them.

care for a deaf dog

And perhaps that’s the first lesson we should keep in mind: try to approach him always ahead, so you can see us. Or at least putting your hand to smell us and know who we are, basically if they are asleep. Continue reading

Tips on feeding in cats

Like all animals, good nutrition a cat begins even before birth, so you have to worry that his mother receives a balanced diet rich in nutrients before, during and after pregnancy. Because cats are mammals, their only power newborn will be breast milk. During this period we only let his mother take care of them.

Only after the third or fourth week of life we can offer small amounts of commercial puppy food, but it must be moistened at this stage because their teeth are not yet fully developed. Only after six weeks of life may start using that one with dry puppy food, and therefore will be the stage at which his mother may wean. How much and why?

feeding in cats

Because the cat is a carnivore, their diet requires a high percentage of protein from meat, much more than dogs!. In the market there are excellent alternative cat foods that meet these characteristics. In addition, this diet should contain an essential substance for them called? Taurine?. The lack of it can cause poor development or functioning of the nervous system, vision, heart, blood coagulation and defenses among other things. Continue reading

Your dog can sleep with you?

It is very possible that when you have at home a pet you want to sleep with her, besides the tenderness that inspires you, get him to take you to your room and let him sleep at the foot of your bed or on the edge of your bed. If since living in this house with you what beam used to sleeping with you, then it will be difficult and want to sleep alone in their own space.

It is recommended that your pet sleep with you, because if you stop to think, dogs do not wear shoes, and carry on their feet all laps all you have walked during the day and would end in your sheets.


But if you have no problem sharing the room with your pet, we recommend you keep up to date with health and hygiene, as any strange stain on the skin of your pet’s care. If your pet sleeps with you you should apply the appropriate toilet to prevent diseases, it is possible that you leave their parasites, which can be extreme as fleas, lice, ticks or mange. Continue reading

Does cigarette smoke affect our pets?

We all know the serious problem that may involve exposure to secondhand smoke; know horror stories of cancers caused by simple proximity to a smoker. But what about our pets? Do they affect the same?

No need to think too hard to reach the conclusion that it is so, considering that animals can coexist for a very long time with a smoker, and therefore become direct recipients of humor pretty much all day. Academic centers in the United States, such as Tufts University in Massachusetts or Colorado, have been studies that confirm this fact. It’s not easy, though, to extract data from many pets can become ill or die from being a “passive smoking” but is determined to snuff smoke can cause occurrence of nasal, lung and lymphatic cancers as well as skin problems or vision.

smoke affect our pets

However, there is little awareness campaigns to help this reality. Yes statistical studies have been performed in the United States, at least for the predisposition of individuals. The question underlying them is evident: leave the snuff who knew they were thereby hurting their pets? Continue reading

How to care for a blind cat

Caring for a cat blind is an easy task, so we will give you the best recommendations for you to take care of him. One of the main recommendations is not to leave the cat outside the home because of that if a cat sees is too dangerous now for one that can do it.

Do not change the position of the furniture in the home since our cats are accustomed to a position of the furniture and move very constant can make them unsafe within the home.

blind cat

Stay your box in the same place, if you’re going to move for any reason, you should call your cat from where you are to teach him wherein lies again in this same way make sure your dishes food remain in the same place. Continue reading

What are the most common reasons that dogs vomit?

Vomiting in dogs is a frequent digestive problem, usually caused by diseases that irritate the stomach or intestine. Although the presence of vomiting in dogs does not always mean a serious health problem, if repeated often be necessary to monitor the animal and go to the vet.

Usually vomiting in dogs are a response to changes in diet, product or indigestion when any food dropped them wrong. Fortunately the stomachs of dogs can easily expel ingested food.

dogs vomit

When the field looks like vomit food you normally eat, mixed with water, mucus and sometimes slightly tinged with yellow, because the bile is almost always a minor indigestion. Vomiting in dogs can also be caused by ingestion of foreign objects or irritants that their stomach can not tolerate. Continue reading

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